Apr, 2020

How to Beat Procrastination When Working from Home

How to Beat Procrastination When Working from HomeWorking from home is an ideal work setup for those who want to experience the lucrative perks it offers such as a flexible schedule, more personal time, a comfortable working environment and so on. But while all these things are nice to enjoy, there are some downsides to it, too. One perfect example is one’s ability to focus on getting things done.


If there’s one thing you need to beat when you’re working from home, it is procrastination. Well, everybody procrastinates but reaching a certain level of this habit can be detrimental to your work productivity and efficiency. It may even put your job security at risk. So, how do you beat procrastination when working from home?

Create a home office
One of the things people love about working from home is the fact that the environment doesn’t feel the same as working in a typical office setup. Of course, it is much more comfortable to be working from home. However, too much comfort may actually do more harm than good. And this is where a home office set up comes in. Turn a spare room into a workspace or even just a quiet little corner in the house will do. Make sure it has adequate lighting and everything you need is there so you won’t have to keep on getting up to grab stuff.

Start tackling the most challenging tasks
Just like when you’re working in the office, making sure that things are getting done requires your ability to prioritize. Staying on tasks can be less difficult once you have identified what your priorities are. Make a list of the projects you need to be working on. Organize them according to urgency and importance. Then, start work on the priority tasks first when you start your day. This way, you still have more energy when dealing with them and only have the easier ones to take care of for the remaining hours.

Take breaks in between
Even if you’re working from home, downtime between your working hours is still important. So take breaks as you would when working in an office. Take a break every after two hours and an hour long break for a meal and breather when you’re halfway through your day. Spending long hours sitting at your desk isn’t going to do the trick if you want to get more things done. In fact, it will only hamper your productivity.

Think of rewarding yourself by the end of the day
What better way is there to end a long working day than by giving yourself some sort of reward or treat? Think about what you want to do or what you want to eat as soon as you’re done with work. Would a cone of ice cream make you happy? Or an hour playing your favorite video game? Rewards can be helpful in forming good habits so don’t be afraid to reward yourself, too.

Adjusting to a work from home set up if you’re used to working in an office isn’t easy. But with the help of this guide, you can beat procrastination and find yourself more productive and efficient in your job.

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