Apr, 2020

3 Things that Keep You from Changing Careers and How to Deal with Them

3 Things that Keep You from Changing Careers and How to Deal with ThemHave you come to a point where you’ve almost handed over your resignation letter to your boss because you want to switch careers but you couldn’t do it because something’s holding you back? You are not alone. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge, you want to pursue your passion, you want to focus on other things or you are simply unhappy with your current job, you may find or have found yourself on the brink of finding a new career path at some point.

 But why couldn’t you do it? What’s holding you back? If you’ve found yourself in the same dilemma, you’re on the right page. Here are some of the things that keep you from changing careers and what you need to do to deal with them.

Not knowing what you want
When it comes to transitioning to a new career, one of the most important things that anybody needs to determine before making the first step is to know what career they want to switch to. And if you haven’t figured that out yet, now is the best time to consider the kind of job that you think will give you fulfillment. Explore your interests, passion and the stuff that excites you and you won’t get tired of doing.

However, if you think you know exactly what you want to do but unsure which job will get you paid for doing what you love, then you have to address the real question and carve out time to do research for job positions that offer the opportunities you’re looking for.

Money matters
We’ve all been there - fearing quitting our current job and switching to a new career because we haven’t saved enough and aren’t financially prepared. But if you’re in this situation, you should already know what that means. If you’re still financially unsecured and you’re still anxious about money, it means that your current job is not enough to help you achieve the financial stability you’re looking for. And that it’s time to explore your options.

How many hours do you have to work each day just to get a little few extras on your salary? Or have you already been working like crazy but it doesn’t seem to pay off? If this is your dilemma, there’s one thing you should always remember - never let the lack of money stop you from chasing what you really want.

Lack of confidence
Do you always find yourself doing self-talk about how you’re an introvert, and how you find it hard to expand your network and have difficulty trying to fit in? Now’s the time to stop all the negative self-talk. If you want to switch to a new and better career, it’s extremely important that you know who you are and you’re loving every bit of it. Yes, self-improvement and growth are important, too. But don’t lose touch of the good things you already have and can offer.

Been thinking about switching careers but couldn’t get yourself to finally do it? These are some of the obstacles you need to get yourself out of to finally take the shift you want to take place in your career.

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