Oct, 2020

4 Things To Do to Recover from a Job Interview Blunder

4 Things To Do to Recover from a Bad Job InterviewWas there ever a time you stepped out of an interview room feeling so sure you messed up your interview and know you’re about to say goodbye to that job post? Or going back to the moments you didn’t answer the questions well that you want to nag at you? You are not alone!


We all hope for the best results each time we’re given a chance for a personal job interview. But things don’t always go the way we want them to. Sadly, there’d be times when we would commit blunders or fall short on our performance. It’s frustrating, that’s true. But there’s always hope and there’s always another chance. So when you’re done wallowing in sadness for a failed job interview, it’s time to pick yourself up. Use these tips to recover from a bad job interview!

Give yourself some time to feel bad
A bad interview can leave you feeling upset and that’s okay. While you don’t have to beat yourself up too much for committing some interview blunders, you should allow yourself to embrace the negative emotions. Cry if you must and acknowledge the bad feelings. However, make sure you’re not dwelling on it too long. Nothing good comes out from wallowing in misery and self-pity for too long. Don’t let the sadness linger for a long period nor let it destroy your hope for a better chance next time. Accept what happened and move forward.

Reflect on what went wrong
Once you’re done feeling bad about what happened and you’re ready to revisit the events, it’s time to think about what went wrong. Reflect on the things you could have done better, the ones you need to fix as well as what caused the poor performance. Be honest with yourself as you reflect on the experience. But don’t forget to take note of what went well, too. You deserve to get credit for the things you did great for!

Ponder and remember the lessons
Reflecting on one’s mistakes wouldn’t make much difference if they don’t find a way to correct them. Now that you’ve pointed out what needs fixing, the next step is to learn from it and think of ways to make it better next time.


Send a thank you note
Despite the unfortunate events in your job interview, it would still be a good idea to thank the hiring manager for considering you for the post and making time for the interview. And while you shouldn’t make excuses for the blunders, you can acknowledge and explain your blunders. We all have bad days, that’s for sure. And it wouldn’t hurt to try your luck for a second chance. So go ahead and send a thank you note and at the same time, exhibit your desire and willingness to try again.

Anything can happen during a job interview. But while we try our best to give it our best shot, some things just go out of control and before you know it, you already made a mess. But don’t give up. Use these tips to turn things around, recover from that bad interview and make it better next time!

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