Oct, 2020

4 Must-Have Skills to be Promoted as a Remote Employee

4 Skills You Need to be Promoted as a Remote EmployeeGetting promoted is, no doubt, one of the things most employees aspire for. Because after all, who doesn’t want career growth and a boost on one’s income? But how about when you’re working remotely? Working from home is certainly awesome. Imagine not having to spend a lot of time fixing and commuting to and from work, enjoying more time for yourself and your family and getting things done while sipping on unlimited coffee the whole day. It’s a dream come true! But sadly, it also entails some downsides, too.


If you’re wondering how it’s possible to prove yourself worthy of a career promotion when working from home, know that you’re not alone. The good news is that by developing certain skills, you can prove your boss you’re ready to step up and take your career to the next level. Wondering what these skills are? Read on and find out!

Working from home means you don’t have your boss constantly watching every single thing you do. You kind of have a freehand on how and when to get things done (except when you have a deadline to meet, of course). But if you’re an employee with a healthy dose of self-discipline, you tackle your tasks and get things moving with or without someone’s watchful eyes.

Being self-disciplined and proactive are important skills that can help you get promoted because you do your job, your tasks and even the tasks beyond your scope without waiting for someone telling you to do so.

Your job may give you the privilege to stay home but it doesn’t mean you’re working alone. As a remote employee, you’re still part of a team and a bigger group. This is where the importance of being collaborative comes in. It may be a bit more challenging to collaborate with your colleagues given the lack of physical space to gather together. But this is an opportunity for you to step up and exhibit how your collaboration skills come to play.

Your boss will notice that you’re ready for a promotion when your relationship-building and collaborative skills are evident. You make the most of the channels available at your disposal to reach out to your colleagues, bosses and subordinates to get projects delivered.

Ability to focus
One of the downsides of working from home is the fact that you are constantly surrounded with distractions. This is why your ability to focus on your tasks is considered to be an extremely valuable skill. Make sure you’re working in an area in your home where it’s quiet and conducive to working. Remove audible and visual distractions. This way, you’ll be more productive and efficient with your job.

Time management skills
If there’s one thing that many people love about working from home is the flexibility it offers when it comes to work schedules. However, this setup may be dangerous for those who do not have time management skills. Since you don’t have anyone watching over your shoulder all the time, managing your tasks and dedicating the right amount of time for each task will now depend on you.

Remote work is beneficial in several different ways. And if you’re looking after getting a promotion in your remote job, don’t worry. You can make it happen by developing and exhibiting these skills!

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