Five Easy Ways to Find Contact Information

Contact Information ResearchYou found a job posting that you really like, and you feel good about your chances. You prepared a resume that will impress and wrote the perfect cover letter for it. Now everything is set—all there is left to do is to send everything to the right person. You want your application to be seen by the person who calls the shots: the hiring manager. The problem is that you don't know how to reach him or her. Here are some tips on how you can find that person’s contact information:

Company Website – Most businesses today have a website for their company, for people to have easy access to the information they need 24/7. The websites also often have a page where you can find information about their employees. As a first step, you can try getting contact information through this method.

Look for Patterns – If you’ve managed to find e-mail addresses of other employees in the company but can’t find one for the person you’re looking for, there is a high probability that the person you’re trying to contact also has the same pattern in their e-mail address. It’s worth a try; if the e-mail address doesn’t exist, your message will just bounce back into your inbox.

Social Networks – Everyone is busy, but you should still find the time to check and log in to their favorite social network. Often people put clues in their profiles and postings about their position and contact information.

Asking the Receptionist – When looking for information, there is no better person to approach than the receptionist. It will only depend on company policies whether or not they can give out the information to you, so it’s worth asking.

Google It! – The information we have available is so vast that almost any information we need is already out there waiting for us—we just need to go get it. Try different keywords or key phrases in looking for information about the hiring manager.

Finding a job is not an easy task, but not insurmountable. Don’t lose hope; just focus at the task at hand. Sooner or later, you will find the job you’re looking for.

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Alan Carniol

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