7 Etiquette Tips for Your Job Search

Etiquette in Job SearchAn interview requires more than preparing your cover letter and resume. The way you conduct yourself and what you wear to the interview all contribute to a polished and positive reputation.

Attitude and manners are both important components of your personal brand and the impression you want to leave. Having all the skills and qualifications isn’t enough; you have to be courteous and respectful to avoid diminishing your chances of being hired.

Here are seven etiquette tips to keep in mind during your job search:

Be courteous to everyone, 24/7. This obviously means you have to be polite to the person interviewing you. Conduct yourself professionally — you never know what cameras record inside the company.

Of course, this rule doesn’t just apply when looking for a job. You may find out that the person sitting next to you is your next possible prospect (when you aren’t looking).

Don’t waste people’s time. Keep in mind that hiring managers and recruiters are extremely busy. Don’t try to stay on their radar by applying to the same job multiple times in the same week.

During an interview, keep your answers concise and clear. Don’t pester or ask for things before you’ve been handed an offer.

Listen to the questions carefully. Be well prepared to talk about any aspect of your professional career. However, avoid giving an all-encompassing narrative. Answer the questions they are asking you, rather than giving answers to the questions you want them to ask.

Listen to what the interviewer says. If the hiring manager is talking about the job description, duties and responsibilities of the position, keep your ears open. It is a mistake to ask about information previously stated(which is proof you weren’t listening that well).

Turn your phone off. Fidgeting with your cell phone is a bad idea. It conveys that the interviewer is not worth paying attention to. Make sure that your interviewer feels that he or she is your highest priority at that moment.

Dress professionally. Though you are expected to wear business attire, you can still choose pieces that are more casual, yet still look professional. When in doubt, you can always ask the person who invites you in for the interview.

Extend your appreciation and never fail to follow up. Feel free to send in a thank-you note via email (or snail mail) on the same day of the interview. If you promised to provide other information such as references, make sure to provide it as soon as possible.

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Alan Carniol

Alan is the creator of Interview Success Formula, a training program that has helped more than 80,000 job seekers to ace their interviews and land the jobs they deserve. Interviewers love asking curveball questions to weed out job seekers. But the truth is, most of these questions are asking about a few key areas. Learn more about how to outsmart tough interviewers by watching this video.