3 Questions to Answer Before Handing In Your Resignation

Questions to Answer Before Handing In Your Resignation Do you want to call it quits? Make a plan before giving two weeks’ notice.

There comes a point in many people’s work lives when they may want to leave everything behind and start anew. You may be at that point yourself. But it’s important to think things through.

Before handing in your resignation, consider these questions:

Are you performing well in your job? Don’t consider quitting your job just because it’s tough. Keep in mind that most employers remember you as you were at the end of your employment and not when you were just starting. Ending a contract with poor performance may come back and haunt you during your next job search journey.

When your potential employer checks a reference, he or she may find out about how things ended with your past employer. (It’s just too easy to track your superiors using the super-connected world of LinkedIn.)

At the same time, at the interview level, you may find it hard to answer why you left your previous job. If the job was too difficult, it is going to be a challenge for you to sell yourself. Leaving a company without accomplishments, solid work performance and positive results raises a red flag regarding your skills and commitment to success.

Do you have a new job lined up? It will be difficult to find a new job if you left your previous company just because you wanted to. The hiring manager could make several assumptions that aren’t in your favor.

If you want a career change, it’s better to plan while still employed. Recruiters find it better to hire employed candidates rather than those who are not. Companies don’t take risks when it comes to hiring. You make yourself a riskier hire if you quit your job without having a new job lined up.

Do you have references? When applying for a job, expect your potential employer to check your references. It may be your superior, or a colleague or client that they speak with before giving you an offer.

Make sure you have a couple of contacts that can speak highly ofyour skills, accomplishments and the value you can add. Exceptional references play an important role in employing people. That is why it is crucial to pick your references wisely.

Even though quitting may be the only thing on your mind, take your time and make a plan before you take your leave. It will help you find a better job far more easily.

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Alan Carniol

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