Interview Question: How Comfortable Are You with Writing HTML Entirely by Hand?

Writing HTMLBeing a web developer requires great talent and skill. However, did you know that most developers rely on external resources in order to get the job done? If you fall under this category, then you might want to take the time to relearn the basics. Knowing how to write HTML code by hand will give you an edge over your competitors. So, what can you do if an interviewer asks about your ability to code HTML by hand? Here are some tips on how to prepare an answer to this question during an interview.

Study. Maybe you don’t know how to write HTML code by hand. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t deter you, since you can always study and learn to get the hang of it. So, take some time to learn how to code HTML manually. There’s no need to learn the more complex HTML codes. As long as you can set up a website using your handwritten codes, you should be good to go.

Practice. With days before the interview, try to set up a web page every day using your handwritten HTML codes. Pay attention to the details so you can avoid making a mistake. Practicing every day makes it easier for you to be more confident in the interview. Though the question isn’t the entire basis of your employment, it is an important qualification when it comes to hiring an expert web developer.

Be confident. Knowing your HTML is definitely a plus. However, you should be confident enough to tell the hiring manager about your skills and abilities as a web developer. Perhaps you can share a project you’ve recently completed that you’re most proud of. Whatever the case may be, showing confidence together with matching qualifications will definitely give you an advantage.

Always tell the truth. If you weren’t able to prepare for the interview, you really have no choice but to tell the truth. Don’t pretend that you know how to write HTML by hand, for it may ruin your chances of getting hired once you get busted. Instead, you can divert the interviewer’s attention and focus more on some of the skills you may have that other web developers don’t.

Knowing how to write HTML code is worth the effort, especially if you want to be a successful web developer. Still, don’t fret if you haven’t learned this skill yet. You can start learning and practicing today – keep at it until it becomes natural. It will make you a better web developer, and you’ll impress your future boss!

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Alan Carniol

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