May, 2020

How to Build a Good Working Relationship with your Boss

How to Build a Good Working Relationship with your BossOne of the primary goals of a boss is to see his company succeeding. And a good working relationship with his or her employees is one of the keys to make it happen. When employees have a boss they work well with, they feel more motivated. They tend to be more productive and efficient at what they do and deliver quality work. They also feel happier and satisfied with their jobs. As an employee, your career can also benefit in numerous ways if you have a healthy and respectful relationship with your boss. Make sure your relationship with your supervisor or boss is more than just taking orders by following these helpful tips!

Don’t ignore the basics
The little things and behaviors you exhibit at work can make or break your boss’ perception of you can ultimately impact the kind of relationship you have with them. This means that you should always pay attention to the basics such as coming in to work on time, meeting deadlines, and showing no absenteeism issues. Your commitment and reliability can help build the foundation of a healthy relationship because you’re building trust and showing that your boss can count on you.

Learn your boss’ communication style
Some supervisors and managers prefer to get updates about the overall status of a project while some others always want to drill down to the very minute details. Figure out how their communication style is so you can adjust accordingly.

Also, try to find out their preferred method for communication. Do they prefer using email or do they want to have a one on one meeting set up for discussion? Find out what works best for your boss so you don’t end up showing up in their office when they actually do not want to be interrupted.

Maintain an open communication
It’s normal for employees to feel intimidated or scared of their boss. However, this shouldn’t stop you from reaching out when you need to. The thought of having conversations with your direct supervisor or manager can be nerve-wracking but it’s imperative that you maintain an open communication with them especially when you have a brilliant idea to share. Don’t be afraid of rejections. You are hired because you possess a specific set of skills needed to help the company grow.

Avoid making excuses
When you fail to meet a deadline, your boss wouldn’t really care about your excuses; which is why you shouldn’t try to make excuses at all. They won’t care and won’t have time to listen about your why’s. All they’d care about is that things are getting done.

Exceed expectations
Delivering what is expected of you may help you keep a good track record at work but it won’t set you apart from the rest of the employees. Don’t hesitate to proactively present an idea or solution if you have something in mind. Whether or not it’s part of your job description, your boss will appreciate it if you come up with something that can help the organization overall.

Having a healthy and good working relationship with your boss can benefit both your career and the company you’re working for. Cultivate this kind of relationship with your manager or supervisor by following these tips!

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