Oct, 2020

4 Ways to Have a Happier and More Productive Monday

4 Ways to Have a Happier and More Productive MondayLet’s all admit it. Mondays to most of us, if not all of us, have a much maligned reputation. When the weekend draws to a close, there goes again the feeling of anxiety and dread for the most hated day of the week. But who says Mondays have to be dreadful and painful? Monday doesn’t have to be so bad especially when you start your week right. Read on for some tips on how to make your Mondays happier, less painful and more productive!

 Create a list of everything you need to do

One of the excellent ways to be productive on a Monday or on any day of the work week is to be organized and it all starts with creating a list. Having a list can help clear your mind and give you a clear direction of which tasks you should prioritize.

Make it a habit to list down the things you need to accomplish on your Monday. Start with the most urgent and most important ones. Also include in your list the ones that are less important so you don’t miss out any task by the end of the day and ensure that every single thing is covered.

Get sufficient rest and exercise
Another reason why a lot of us begin a new week cranky is that we failed to recharge over the weekend when we’re supposed to. It’s true that we should be spending our rest days enjoying the things we love, maybe hit the beach or the road. But don’t forget that your body needs ample rest, too.

Be sure to get sufficient rest before starting off on a new week. Be physically active, do some workouts, stretch your muscles or go for a quick run. It will help release some happy hormones and make you feel good.

Keep your space organized
A messy desk can add up to your work stress. Make it a habit to clean up and organize your space before you leave the office for the weekend. Like previously mentioned, organization is one of the keys to getting things done. A clear space can help you achieve a clear mind which is what you exactly need to start off a new week on the right track!

Start with happy and positive thoughts
As to how you will hate or love your Mondays will always depend on the quality of your thoughts. Like they’d always say, it’s all in the mind. Therefore, if you finally want to stop dreading Mondays and start your weekdays on a happy note, start with a positive attitude. Think of happy thoughts as well as the great things you can look forward to as you start a new week. Remember, mind over matter!

The thought of going back to work on a Monday can be downright depressing and sad. But who says you can’t have a happy Monday? Use these helpful tips to be productive and happier as you start a new work week!

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