Work Habits that Could Put You Back on the Job Market

Bad Work HabitsWhen you are employed, it’s easy to relax and forget about the hardships of not having a job, which can lead to bad habits in the workplace. If you don’t want to go back to the job search, here are some habits that you should avoid.

Online Surfing

The internet is a great place; it gives you access to things that were previously impossible. The advent of this technology has led to people spending a lot of time online, mostly doing things like browsing or shopping. Unless work requires it, you shouldn’t be spending your work time looking for the best vacation spot or the best deals for a new car. Even if you try your best to hide this, it inevitably will come back to hurt you.

Just Being Adequate

Sometimes you might be tempted to slack off and just do an adequate job at your work. However, when your boss finds out about this, it may lead him or her to look elsewhere. Just doing the minimum is not enough these days, when there are more than enough qualified individuals to replace you.

Overreacting to Feedback

You can’t expect to be the best at everything you do. There will always be a time when your superior won’t be satisfied with the work you did, and in these situations, it is important to accept whatever feedback is given and use it to improve your work performance. Don’t get the attitude that you know better than your employers.


You get frustrated and pressured, and these feelings can cause you to lose your cool. It’s okay if it only happens occasionally, but if this becomes a habit and you start lashing out at others, don’t expect to have many friends at the workplace.


For employers, there is nothing more irritating than hearing an employee complain. Working is supposed to be hard, and if you don’t like working hard, there are lots of people that would be glad to take your place.

Hiding Things

One thing that employers find unforgivable is hiding things. When things go wrong, it’s better to just face the consequences now than to hide the problem; otherwise, you risk being fired. If you can manage it, resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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Alan Carniol

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