How to Turn Your Social Media Expertise to Marketable Skills

Social Media ExpertiseAs you surely know, today's world has become technology-based. Nearly everything we want to learn about can be found the World Wide Web, and more specifically on social media. With the growing phenomenon of social media comes the opportunity for companies to post advertisements and notices about their products and services – and for you to use your social media skills and expertise to help you land a job.


How do we turn the power of social media into marketable skills? Let’s find out.

  • Network is power.

If you’re working for a small company with a small budget, social media will bring you greater influence among people. Making people aware of the company no longer requires a dedicated marketing team and tons of money for television advertisements.

Small companies can already grow their reputation and corporate brand by empowering their employees to act as ambassadors. Social media will help you answer questions, provide support, and resolve issues easily. It is also one of the best ways to publicize company announcements and disseminate information about new products and services. Thus, widening your company’s network through social media can only be a win-win situation.

  • Knowledge is impact.

Share what you know. Facilitate a meeting and discuss the various social networking platforms you know with your office mates. Invite the human resources department and anyone responsible for establishing the social media policy for your company.

By doing this, not only will your coworkers feel good about learning something new, but it will give you greater exposure and demonstrate your expertise in the field – leading you to greater opportunities.

  • Culture is encouragement.

Show the world how wonderful it is to work for your company by posting events and photos that illustrate the company's culture. Sharing photos and status updates or blog posts gives people a glimpse of what it’s like to be there at the company. This is a great recruitment strategy and only requires asking employees to do the same.

  • Employee referral is influence.

This has already been proven successful. Most employers report that referred hires perform better and stay longer at their companies. Employees will simply be asked to recruit people they personally know; as an employee, you can post status updates or message your friends that there is an opening at your company.

Most companies reward employees for referrals with bonuses or other benefits. Help your employer research and implement an employee referral program and recruit some of your trusted friends. Who knows – one day, you may earn a referral bonus.

Become a part of the world of social media and help yourself and the company you’re working for. Turn your social media skills into something more useful and valuable. Market and advertise yourself and your organization by availing yourself of all that social media has to offer. This is the giant step toward achieving success for yourself and for the company.

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Alan Carniol

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