How to Sell Yourself as the Perfect Remote Candidate

How to Sell Yourself as the Perfect Remote CandidateThanks to the advancement of technology and advent of the internet, people are now presented with more opportunities to earn money in the comfort of their homes. Indeed, being a remote worker has never been more possible and easier with the help of the internet. The work-from-home setup has been becoming increasingly popular because of the various perks it entails, not to mention the lucrative pay.


If you’re someone who has considered establishing a career as a remote worker, it’s important to take note that there’s a difference between doing it as a freelancer and doing it as a permanent career. And if you’re considering the latter, here are some tips you could use to sell yourself as the perfect remote candidate.

Do your research
Just like when you’re applying for any other non-remote work, it’s important that as a candidate, you are quite familiar with your potential employer’s nature of business. What products and services do they offer? What does their brand stand for? What are they known for? Do your values and principles align with the company’s core values? Are you confident you will be culture fit for the organization?

Identify and highlight your strengths
To succeed as a remote worker, you must possess certain qualities and acquire skills that will make you more effective in your unique work situation. For example, since you won’t be working in the same room as your boss and your colleagues, you should hone in on your communication skills. You should know how to make the most of the messaging platforms, email and video platforms to communicate projects and task updates and collaborate with your team.

You should also be self-motivated because you won’t always be under your boss’ nose and no one will see how you do your work. You only have yourself to push you to get things done. It’s a lot tempting to procrastinate when working remotely because all sorts of distractions surround you. But when you’re motivated, focusing on your tasks and projects will be easier.

These and other skills and qualities such as independence, visibility, reliability and professionalism will make you a promising remote employee. Be sure to highlight these things in your resume as well as during your remote interview.

Be prepared for your virtual interview
Whether it’s a face to face or a virtual interview, adequate preparation is a must to land the job. Do your research about the potential remote interview questions because they may slightly vary from the common questions asked on a one on one interview. Expect to be asked how to exhibit collaboration in a virtual work environment. Or how will you make sure to meet the deadline for a project. Rehearse and be well prepared in terms of the questions, your technology, system as well as clothing.

Positioning yourself as a top remote candidate requires adequate preparation. And if you want to land a lucrative career as a remote employee, these tips can come in handy!

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