4 Ways to Prepare Your Social Media for a Job Search

4 Ways to Prepare Your Social Media for a Job SearchMost people use social media primarily to connect and stay in touch with friends and loved ones. But today, the social network has become an increasingly popular resource used by companies when it comes to sourcing and recruiting employees. In fact, more than 90% of hiring managers and leverage social media in helping them find the candidates that would fit the job post.

So what does this mean for job seekers like you? This means that your social media accounts and profile require review and revisiting. The last thing you want is to mess up your chances on the perfect job opportunity you’ve been waiting for only because the recruiter found something they didn’t like on your social media.

Fortunately for you, we have summarized the tips that you may find handy in helping you prepare your social media for a job search.

Check all the places where you can be found
Sure, you have an account created in LinkedIn, and currently active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But do you still remember the other social media websites you signed up for maybe 5 or 10 years ago? You may have forgotten about them but when a recruiter searches for your name online, your old profiles and photos may still resurface.

While it’s important to be mindful of the content on your current social media accounts, you should pay as much attention to the old social media profiles, too. Try to recall the old platforms you signed up for but if you can’t remember anymore, try to search for your name or email address on Google and see what appears.

Be mindful of the photos you upload
The photos you upload online say a lot about who you are. This is exactly why you need to be extra careful when choosing the photos you share on your social media profiles. While this doesn’t mean all your photos should be formal or professional-looking, be sure they’re not something you won’t want your future boss to see.

.. As well as the things you say online
While it’s true that social media is a venue for self-expression, it’s still imperative that you watch what you say online. Be mindful of your posts regardless if your accounts are set to private. Things have a way of surfacing online and the last thing you want is for your potential employer to see something inappropriate or something that can be deemed unprofessional. You don’t want to blow your chances of landing your dream job just because of a careless social media post.

Don’t badmouth previous employers
Bad experiences from previous employers and bosses may make you want to vent out on your social media profiles but it’s best not to. Even if it was them who was at fault, social media just isn’t the best venue to share your hatred towards your former boss. Your future employer may find out about these things and may sabotage your chances of getting hired.

More and more employers and hiring managers today turn to social media to help them make hiring decisions. Make sure your own social media profiles are ready for the job hunt, too!



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