4 Job Search Tips While You’re Already Employed

employed job searchWhen you face the reality that you need to find a new job because of the need for better compensation, or perhaps you just want to face new challenges, you are up against a major dilemma. You want to be able to keep your current job while looking for a new job. The secret is knowing how to balance your work and job search.

Here are some tips on how you can conduct your search while maintaining your performance at your current job.


The most important part of doing a job search while working is having a schedule. You need to plan how you are going to do the search. Without a schedule, you will only end up with serious problems.

Proper scheduling will help you deal with interviews that require you to meet them during working hours while avoiding conflicts with your job.

Be Professional

When finding a new job while you are employed, you need to remember that while at work, you should be thinking about your work, not your search. You are paid by employer to work for him and not pursue your own business.

Professionalism also calls for not talking any calls related to your job hunt. Do not use company resources, or else you will risk being discovered. Although you might think that you are not leaving any traces in using a company computer or e-mail system, think again, because there are numerous software programs available that can track what you are doing even if you try covering your tracks.

Don’t Tell Your Co-workers

The rule of thumb when conducting a job search while working is never to tell anyone inside the office. This includes not letting them know through your social network accounts. Talk to your wife or friends about it, but never to anyone inside the office, even if they are your closest friends. You can’t control what they say to other people, but you can control what you say.

Dress the Same

The biggest red flag when looking for a job while working for someone is the way you dress. They see you come in every morning and already know how you dress. If you suddenly go to work wearing your best attire, they will immediately become suspicious.

When an interview requires you to meet them before or after your work, it is best just to leave a change of clothing in your car.

Looking for a job while working for someone can be dangerous if you are not careful; it can leave you without a job. Be discreet in your search, and do not neglect your performance at work, even if you are already looking elsewhere.

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