4 Bad Habits that Keep You from Getting Hired

4 Bad Habits That Keep You from Getting HiredThe entire journey of searching for a job doesn’t come easy for everyone. Some may be lucky to get hired at the first try while some others take several failed attempts before finally succeeding. If you’re part of the latter and you’ve spent an insane amount of time and energy looking for a job only to get rejected over and over, you’re not alone. However, this may require a bit of reflection to better understand why you’re stuck in this cycle. Just like some other things in life, there may be unhealthy and unhelpful habits that are keeping you unemployed.

 Read on and learn about the bad job search habits that should be replaced with healthy ones.

Whether it’s the job search you’ve been putting off or the submission of the documents you’re required to send over, procrastinating will never do you any good. It doesn’t matter if you’re already looking for a new job while you’re still employed by your current company. If you want to find and build a new career, you have to make time for your job search.

If you feel like your work week is extremely busy, schedule the job search at a specific time of the day - perhaps by the time you get home from work or before you leave for work in the morning. Allocate even just an hour everyday for your job search sessions to increase your chances of success.

Taking the easy route
Already in a hurry to find a job? Taking the easy route isn’t the answer. This means that no, you shouldn’t even waste your time on the easy fixes such as getting resume distribution services or packages on resume writing. They’re, most of the time, not effective. You can get lucky, sure. But if you want better chances of getting hired, you have to put in your efforts into the job search process. Take it seriously, be proactive instead of taking shortcuts.

Coming in to the interview late
What’s the one thing that can instantly ruin your chances of getting hired before getting interviewed? Coming in late for the interview. Set the right impression and show up on time for your job interview. Not only will this let them know that you’re serious about the job; it’s also an excellent way to exhibit professionalism.

Staying in your comfort zone
There’s a wide range of routes jobseekers can take when looking for a job or finding a new career. They can go online, tap on their network of connections or personally walk into companies with job hirings. While it wouldn’t really matter which route you take, remember that you shouldn’t simply stick to one platform. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t just do online job applications because you’re ashamed of reaching out to people. Talk to your friends, former colleagues and bosses. Attend industry events or job fairs. Job opportunities won’t come to you unless you go after them.

Are you on the brink of giving up because one job application gets rejected after another? These may be some of the bad habits you need to fix to finally land your dream job!




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