What Do You Do When You Don’t Hear Back

What Do You Do When You Dont Hear BackA member asks:

I would like to receive your advice if you do not mind.

I had an in-person interview a few weeks back, and the Hiring Manager gave me some immediate positive feedback as he escorted me through the door.

He literally said, "You did really good in your interview".

When I got home, I emailed a thank you note within 24 hours. However, since then I have not received any response from the Hiring Manager or Recruiter regarding the position.

I sent a follow-up note to the Hiring Manager one week later, and also emailed a follow-up note to the Recruiter two weeks after the interview.

I've not heard anything from either of them since.

What should I do?

This happens a lot actually.

The fact that you've not heard back yet could be for any number of different reasons. Whatever the reason, them not at least acknowledging your emails is plain rude. Unfortunately, it happens. Just realize that it's NOT a reflection of you, but rather a reflection of them. Don't let it affect your mojo.


There *is* something you can do right now.

In fact, it's pretty much the only thing that's within your control.

Ready for it?

Put more irons in the fire.

You might hear back from these guys, or you might not. Regardless, having other solid job opportunities in the works will help you, because:

(a) Your body language or other communications (with these guys and any other hiring managers and recruiters you deal with) won't "leak" neediness.

(b) Your confidence will stay healthy and intact.

(c) When you inevitably get job offers, chances are you'll have two or more, and you'll be in a solid position to negotiate a pay raise.

Here's what you need to do:

Apply for more jobs.

Widen your net.

Start looking in new places.

Reach out to more people.

Make more connections.

Go to more events and meetups.

Start more conversations.

Keep an eye out for my emails and implement more of the ideas I share. In fact, tomorrow and the next few days I have a very specific strategy I plan on sharing with you -- something that can help you make friends with hiring managers and stay on their radar (so that when they're ready to make their next hire, they'll have you in mind before they write the job posting).


Consider investing in Dream Job Formula.

This program -- and it's a *program*, not a "guide" or a "course" -- takes you by the hand and shows you how to identify, attract, and win those 85% of job opportunities that never make it to the public job market.

In other words, it's 100% practical and action-oriented.

I've prepared worksheets and exercises that take you through each of the steps and build on each other, and show you how to find job opportunities that most applicants will never hear about.

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