Saying Thanks after Rejection

Job Interview RejectionYou submit your resume, get called for an interview, dress properly, arrive early, answer every question with ease, and basically breeze through the interview process seamlessly. Everything seems to be going right for you. You assume that the only thing left is the job offer, so you're already thinking of salary, benefits, and when you can start.

Suddenly, you get a call telling you that they decided to hire someone else, and then it all dawns on you. All of your expectations are now down the drain. Even though you knew that the job was yours, they went ahead and chose someone else. Now what? Send them a thank-you letter.

Yes, they rejected you, and rejection is never easy, but this shouldn't stop you from sending them a thank-you letter.

Sending a thank-you letter after being rejected for a job is a rarity among applicants. After all, who could blame them? After all of that effort, they get rejected. However, it is also important to note that sending a thank-you letter after being rejected just shows your professionalism and maturity.

This is where you need to place your focus. If you can bring yourself to thank a company for taking the time to consider you, then you will truly set yourself apart. This effort will leave your interviewer a lasting impression of your professionalism.

How Does This Help Me?

Sending a thank-you letter is not something that most rejected applicants bother to do. So, why not put in the effort to show that you are different? Set yourself apart and send a thank-you letter thanking the interviewer and/or company and requesting if you could be considered for any future openings.

This small effort can be big for you. You might get a call in the future from the company, or you might be referred to a sister company.

Take the time to write a brief thank-you letter. Remember that in job seeking, networking and professionalism are vital.

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Alan Carniol

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