5 Reasons You Should Never Say No to an Interview

Reasons You Should Never Say No to an InterviewThough you may not be looking for a job, strive to always be up for an interview. You can use this experience to network and even practice for future interviews.

If you’ve been with the same company for years, it’s in your best interest to be prepared for the unexpected. You never know when your team will be restructured or your job function will change. Being ready helps you keep your career momentum going, no matter how satisfied you are with your current job.

Hearing from a headhunter can be a hit or miss. However, it’s worth it to talk to someone given the chance when you take into consideration that a new opportunity might be waiting for you. What’s the harm in taking an interview? Here are some of the benefits:

No pressure. Saying no to an interview may seem natural, especially if you feel good about your current job. However, keep in mind that you’ve got nothing to lose. You can accept the interview and not be concerned with the results. Who knows? It could be the best move to build your career.

Practice. Since you don’t need to be concerned about securing a new job, you can use an interview as a learning experience. If you’re interested in a different field, it can be difficult to promote yourself without coming off as an ignorant candidate. Interviews will help you hone your skills. The more interviews you go through, the more comfortable you’ll become. It’s a great opportunity to prepare and gain some experience.

Network. Meeting new people in a professional setting is a chance for you to build your network. Connecting to new people gives you an opportunity to increase your prospective professional circle. Expand as much as you can — Don’t limit your network.

Future prospects. By accepting interviews, you’re setting yourself up for future communication. Who knows when you’ll be bumping into that person (and he or she has a job opening)?

You just never know. An interview could be a game changer — You really never know what could come of it.

The best part of showing up to an interview when you’re already comfortably employed is that the stress level and stakes are much, much lower. And that interview may turn into something wonderfully unexpected.

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Alan Carniol

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