5 of the Worst Interview Answers

Bad answersYou come to an interview hoping to impress the interviewer, but instead you do the exact opposite. You think your answers are the best, but in reality you’re ruining your chances of getting the job. So if you’re using any of these answers in the interview, it’s time to scrap them and find something better.


I’m best the person for the job – Easily the most overused line of all time in interviews. Your confidence is admirable, but your answer isn’t. Instead of telling your interviewer you’re the best person for the job, why not start telling him or her how your skills and experience would help you do the job.

I don’t have weaknesses or I can’t think of any – Any interviewer who hears this answer will immediately think that you’re either unprepared or someone who can’t be honest about his or her faults. You’ll fare much better if you’re honest.

I’m a perfectionist – This answer is right at the top of the worst answers today. No interviewer would really want to hear this from anyone today; surely you can think of an answer that better illustrates your fitness for the job.

I’m more interested in talking about the position than the salary right now –This is a noble-sounding answer, but it’s clearly dishonest. The reason why everyone wants a job is for the salary to provide for oneself or one’s family. It’s fine to refrain from mentioning the salary, but if it’s the interviewer who brought it up, then go ahead and discuss it.

I don’t have any questions – There is no more glaring sign of being unprepared than not having questions in your interview, unless you’re just in it for the short term. Working for a company where you’ll spend at least 8 hours a day is a big deal. Surely, if you care then you will have questions in order to give you a better understanding of what you’re getting yourself into.

It’s not easy to get yourself an interview, so don’t waste the opportunity. Stop with the lame answers, and start practicing some new answers that will get you the job.

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Alan Carniol

Alan is the creator of Interview Success Formula, a training program that has helped more than 80,000 job seekers to ace their interviews and land the jobs they deserve. Interviewers love asking curveball questions to weed out job seekers. But the truth is, most of these questions are asking about a few key areas. Learn more about how to outsmart tough interviewers by watching this video.