5 Embarrassing Errors to Avoid During Your Job Interview

Embarrassing Errors to Avoid During Your Job Interview Always be mindful of your actions during an interview to avoid risking your chances of getting the job.

Without a doubt, a job interview can be nerve-wracking. Despite your anxiety, you should know how to control your nerves.

Here are top 5 face-reddeners that candidates should be aware of:

Not arriving on time. Showing up late is definitely an error. Though it is a no-brainer to arrive on time to any interview, most applicants fail to show up on time. This is one of the most common mistakes every applicant should avoid.

Having a list of excuses as to why you’re late is unacceptable. You must do your part to expect the unexpected when it comes to the commute. Allot extra time to accommodate travel delays.

In the event that something comes up which is out of your control, let the interviewer know as soon as possible in order to reschedule the meeting. This is better than showing up late and wasting the recruiter’s time.

Revealing a clock-puncher mentality. Always show interest in the organization and the role you are applying for, including the responsibilities you will be handling in the future. Make sure to ask questions; if you don’t, it will appear that you lack interest in the job. Research and know what questions to ask.

Keep your questions directed toward your interest in learning more about the role you’ve applied for, as well as the company. This helps show your motivation in getting hired.

Not preparing enough. Never go into an interview without knowing what you want to communicate. Rehearse with a mentor or friend beforehand to avoid interview embarrassment. Know how to insert key points during the conversation and deliver them convincingly.

Letting your mind wander. Make sure to stay focused and present during the meeting, no matter what the circumstances. Leave your personal issues outside the room.

Don’t forget to listen to the recruiter. You don’t want to miss anything that you’re being asked.

Underestimating the power of the receptionist. Don’t think that the interview won’t start until you’re behind closed doors with the actual interviewers. Your interview starts as soon as you walk in the door and sit down in the reception area. Project professionalism at all times.

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Alan Carniol

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