4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence When Looking for a Job

Interview ConfidenceJob interviews are not just about how skilled and talented you are. Interviewers don’t just look at your resume or focus on how smart you are. They’re also evaluating your confidence level.


A lot of talented people (especially recent graduates) are having a hard time looking for a job mainly because they lack self-confidence. If this describes you, here are four ways to boost your confidence.

  • Ask someone to assess you. Find a very good friend or a family member who can honestly tell your positive and negative traits. Ask him or her to list all of your best qualities as well as the things that are not so good about you. Be mindful of the constructive criticisms and work on them.
  • Work on your shortcomings. After determining your weaknesses, list all of the things that you can do to overcome them. Develop a plan to improve yourself and make fewer mistakes. Start reading books (whether academic or non-academic) that can help you reinvent yourself, and write a journal or make a daily record of your activities so that you can monitor your improvement.
  • Prepare yourself thoroughly. Imagine that you will be taking a test tomorrow; wouldn’t it make you more confident if you studied really hard? If you have a job interview the next day, spend time researching the company and the job you’re applying for. If there’s an upcoming job fair, read articles about the companies that will be represented at the fair. There’s nothing wrong with doing preliminary research about the company where you want to work. The more you know, the more you’ll be prepared. The more you’re prepared, the more confident you’ll be.
  • Let people recommend you. Ask for recommendations from your previous bosses, former professors, internship coordinators, and/or anyone you’ve worked with. Recommendations are not only for strengthening your profile; they are also reminders of your best qualities. You can always read the good things people said about you whenever you feel like you need a confidence booster.

These are just some of the ways to increase your confidence when looking for a job. Always remember that no matter what career you decide to pursue, you must believe in yourself and put your heart into it. You might be smart, skilled, and talented, but it’s confidence that will make you stand above the rest.

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