4 Things to Remember about the Receptionist on Your Next Interview

receptionist importanceEvery time you come in for an interview, it’s not the interviewer who will greet you at the door—it’s the receptionist. The receptionist is the go-to person for everyone in the company who needs help with just about everything, from locating files to knowing whom to talk to when they need something.

It’s no different for applicants. When they come in for an interview, it’s the receptionist whom they go to for information—sometimes even to the point of prying for information they can use in the interview. However, don’t go thinking that the receptionist is only there for informational purposes, as most if not all employers ask their receptionists to keep an eye on you to evaluate you. So, on your interview, here are some things you need to keep in mind before you confide with the receptionist:

You’re not friends – There is no problem with being friendly or having small talk with the receptionist, but you need do understand that there are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. Friendliness is different from professionalism; you want to show that you are a professional when inside the workplace and not someone who goes to your co-workers to talk about the last episode of your favorite TV show.

You’re not on the same team... yet – It’s not an unusual experience for receptionist to have applicants greet them and later ask what the boss is like. Just like anybody else, no boss is perfect, and there are things that you’re going to like and dislike about him, but this doesn’t mean that the receptionist will tell you. She doesn’t owe her loyalty to you.

They notice everything – If you think nobody cares what you do because you’re still an applicant, you’re wrong. Everyone, including the receptionist, sees everything you do, including your weird pre-interview rituals. While at the interview location, you want to be in your best behavior; in a tough economy, you don’t want to waste any opportunity.

Strictly no flirting – There are people who can’t resist flirting because the receptionist is attractive, but it’s an absolute no-no. If you simply can’t help it, then don’t bother applying, because you won’t get hired if you can’t stop yourself from inappropriate behavior.

Don’t underestimate the value of receptionists to employers. They are a very important part of their team and someone whom they trust to help evaluate whether applicants will make a good fit. Therefore, the next time you go in for an interview, you’d better give them the respect they deserve.

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Alan Carniol

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