Answering Interview Questions: Talking about Your Career Growth

Career GrowthAs we age, we develop in a number of ways. We learn how to develop social relationships, personal connections, individual preferences, as well as our career path. Included in our career path is our career growth, which is a part of our human development.


Career growth is often asked about during job interviews. Interviewers are usually interested in how much your personality and career have grown. They will, as we might expect, associate this growth with your previous job. They want to know how you worked with previous employers and why you left those jobs. When this happens, one of the most important things to remember is never to drop negative comments. Even if you felt bad about your previous boss for not paying you enough for a job well done, you should keep your answers professional and diplomatic.

Some interviewers will want more insight regarding how the previous company helped you in your career development. Why will they ask this question?

  • To see if you have learned anything from your previous job
  • To know your attitude towards the previous company
  • To better predict your future actions if they hire you
  • To figure out in what aspects should they start training you

How can you answer the question?

  • Preparing your answers before the interview can help you address this question. Recall every detail that you can remember about the contributions of the previous company in your life.
  • Internalize and think deeply about how these contributions made an impact in your life. Ask yourself, “How did these things help me grow while I was with that company?”
  • State the strong points, and expand your answers. Briefly explain every point that you are about to say. A few of these points could be:
    • Leadership skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Decision-making skills
    • Critical thinking skills
  • Indicate that you can be an asset to the company you’re applying for with the help of these skills that you have acquired.

Keep your answers positive and optimistic. Remember that you are providing the details of career growth, and this could help you convince the interviewer that you’re what they’re looking for. Lastly, tell the interviewer that you will use these acquired skills in helping the company grow.

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Alan Carniol

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