Jul, 2014

Think Outside the Box — In 5 Easy Steps

Being CreativeIf you have been searching for a job for too long, then it’s probably time to evaluate why you’re not getting any calls. Not receiving a response can be frustrating, especially if you get a rejection after an interview. To help you stand out and get attention. Here are some tips to help gear yourself up and develop new strategies in looking for a job.

Be creative. Tired of the usual print resume? Perhaps you can create an infographic resume —it’s an effective way to present your experience. No need to worry — design skills are not needed. Search for different infographics online and choose among different tools online such as Re.vu, ResumUP, Visual.ly or Kelly Services, Inc. Though most recruiters prefer to see the traditional format, you can submit an infographic as a follow-up after a meeting or during network meetings. Remember to link your infographic to your LinkedIn profile to get their attention.

Shoot a video. Get out of your comfort zone and shoot a video of yourself, presenting your qualifications and interest in the job. Though not a lot of job seekers are using this form of media, this is an effective way for you to stand out among the rest. Some companies such as Zappos even invite applicants to shoot a video along with their application material. This will definitely give you an advantage.

Build a presentation. If you want to provide proof that you can do the job, create visual slides. This will get your point across, and complement your infographics. Make sure the images communicate exactly what you want them to, and that they stand out above standard bullet points and text. Instead, add pictures, logos and other visual graphics to represent your concepts. You can use Prezi, Google’s presentation software, or use a paid service like PowToon.

Share your marketing plan. Make sure your plan includes the skills and qualifications you want to highlight. Sharing your personal marketing plan often yields better results. This will help the recruiter to understand what you’re looking for and may even recommend you to a company that will fit your skills.

Publish a newsletter. This is an effective way for you to stay in contact with the people you’ve met while networking. Include the current trends in your chosen field and provide solutions to whatever problems the industry faces. You can use free marketing software like MailChimp to add a professional touch to your newsletter. If you can’t think of topics to write about, you can read industry articles from SmartBrief or even sign up for other newsletters.

If you’ve got a good network, you may even receive a job offer because of a referral from a person you know. Grab the opportunity to show what you’ve got and prove why you’re the perfect fit for the job.

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