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“If You’ve Got As Little As 2 Hours, Then I Guarantee To Give You The Interview Success Secrets That Win Jobs Fast!”

“2 hours is all I need to show anyone how to:

  • Answer the toughest interview questions with custom, personalized answers…
  • Stamp out nervousness so you feel calm, confident and prepared… even if… your interview is tomorrow morning… and…
  • Finally win the job you need, want and deserve!

Alan Carniol
Founder, Career Cadence Training™
Creator, Interview Success Formula™

“As a HarperCollins author on careers I have many people coming to me asking for interview tips. I always recommend the online tool on InterviewSuccessFormula.com which is hands-down the best tool I have seen out there not only for fool-proof steps for landing the job you want but also, in some cases, for cramming the night before an interview when you need to!”
— Ingrid Stabb, Author of The Career Within You

Dear Job-Seeking Friend,

In the next few minutes, I am (with your permission) going to send you a free copy of a brand new special report, titled…

"Job interview Cheat Sheet"

It’s a $19.95 value... and... I’m going to send it to you for free!

In this special report, I’m sharing with you the top 10 questions you must be prepared to answer in your next interview. You’ll gain valuable insights into how to answer these questions correctly… and… you’ll also discover…

5 Specific Things You Should Research That
Dramatically Increase Your Confidence And
Give You An Edge Over Other Candidates…


How To Sail Through THE Dreaded Question
(“Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”)
Even If You Were Fired Or Let Go…


When It Is Safe To Follow Up After The Interview…
(If You Contact HR Or The Hiring Manager
Too Soon, It Could Hurt Your Chances)

I’ll show you how to give quick, compelling, personalized answers to loaded questions like:

  • “Tell me about yourself.” (There are 2 small things and 1 MAJOR thing you want to accomplish here… and… you need to do it all in about 60 seconds!)
  • “Why are you leaving your current job… or… why did you leave your most recent job?” (WARNING: This is one of the most-loaded questions they will throw at you. And, there’s one thing you must NEVER do or say—under any circumstances—or you’ll almost surely fail the interview process and lose the job offer.)
  • “What is your biggest weakness?” (This is a “Meat Cleaver” question. That is, many interviewers use this to try and get people to describe a massive flaw that will exclude them immediately. However, there’s a specific (and easy) technique I’ll show you how to use that will allow you to side-step this landmine question in every interview you have from now on.)

I’m excited about this new report and you should be, too!


Because, if this is all I ever sent to you, you would have a HUGE advantage over the vast majority of other job seekers out there.

But there’s more that I want to send to you. A WHOLE LOT MORE! And…


Hi, my name is Alan Carniol.

I know my last name is a little unusual, so a lot of people have trouble pronouncing it. This is especially true in New Jersey, which is where I’m from… and which… is 51% Italian. Today, my business and home are located in Reston, Virginia (just outside Washington D.C.).

But growing up, and now when I’m back home to visit, I end up being called…


Why? Because those are old-world Italian ways of saying my name. And, I actually like to hear the variations. But, just so you’ll know, the way it’s actually pronounced is “CAR”… like you drive a car. And then “KNEE”… like, well, your knee. And lastly, “ULL”… like full. So it’s…


In any case, I’m the founder of Career Cadence, a company dedicated to providing career direction and personal marketing services. I’m also a career and job interview coach… and… a former, frustrated, academic “nerd”.

In fact, that’s how I got into the business of helping people better prepare for interviews… so… they get the job they need, want and deserve.

Here’s how it all came about…

Several years ago, after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, I was somewhat lost. I wasn’t quite sure what to do… except start looking around for a job. But, I found nothing to my liking in my field of study.

Eventually, it came to the point of just getting some kind of job… and… I settled for a job as a spreadsheet “jockey.” If you don’t know what that is, no big deal. Basically, I was a glorified data entry person.

I held this less-than-exciting job—actually, was trapped in it—for quite a long time.

Day after day of entering boring data into spreadsheets. And, they were long days for low pay.

The worst of which, were days when I literally had no work to do… and yet… I just had to sit and wait until the boss checked on me and finally gave me permission to go home.

But what could I do? Every time I went to an interview for a new job…

I Would Trip Myself Up In
New And Embarrassing Ways!

It was like I had a superpower… a really bad superpower!

Anyway, as unsatisfying as this job was, I stayed, because I couldn’t “crack the code” of successful job interviewing… and…

I Was Scared Of Having No Job!

But during this time of being a spreadsheet “jockey” and really screwing up every job interview went to, I had what I like to call my…

Major Life Turning Point #1: The Most Humiliating Job Interview Of My Life!

As luck would have it, a family friend got me invited to an interview for an amazing position as a Management Consultant with a top-tier firm.

And because of the unsatisfying experience of my current job, just imagining what this new job could do for my life, had me excited.

A little too excited, as it turned out!

You see, even though it was a cold and windy day in February, I was so excited, I was a little worried about sweating through my crisply-pressed, white dress shirt.

And when I finally sat down to do the interview, I felt so nervous and full of self-doubt, it was literally eating away at my stomach. But whatever the case, I was there and once the interview began, the interviewer started to scribble notes furiously while I answered the first few questions.

And then it happened. Maybe seven minutes in—as I was struggling through yet another answer—the interviewer dropped his pen on the desk, looked me in the eye, and said:

“Alan, That Won’t Work.
Try It Again!”

I’d lived through this experience before, and I knew right then and there it was “game over.”

My face turned red, my vision blurred a little and my voice started shaking. All I wanted to do was just slink out the door.

Yet, the interviewer didn’t let me escape. Instead, for the rest of the interview, he tore apart my answers… calling me out for tired, cookie-cutter B.S., poking at every mistake I made... and… trying to squeeze out just one decent response from me…

By The Time The Interview Ended… I Felt
Embarrassed, Shaken Up, And Miserable!

But even though that interviewer was “hard as nails,” and the experience was very unpleasant, to this day I’m actually thankful that he took the time to shake me up, help me realize my weaknesses… and… help me become better (if only slightly).

That was my Major Life Turning Point #1. Next is my…

Major Life Turning Point #2: Confident And Cocky, I Botched An Interview That Should’ve Been A Walk In The Park!

A little while later, after I finally recovered from that unsettling interview experience, my—aforementioned—academic “nerd” side came out and I decided to further my education.

I figured that was the answer (and it was in a roundabout way)… and… I wanted to go BIG! So, I decided the thing to do would be to apply for the MBA program at Yale University.

It wasn’t easy, of course, but I got in!

While studying for my MBA, I decided to go to an interview just to sharpen my “skills”. Now, this should’ve been easy. Why? It’s simple.

This was basically a “practice interview” for essentially the same job I had held for the last three years.

BUT… not so fast!

It was not a walk in the park! You see, even though I knew the material cold and had actually done the job on a day-to-day basis for a long time…

I Still Had A Really Hard
Time With The Interview!

The first couple of questions, I was confident and kind of cocky and just floating through it… and then… the interviewer asked a couple more questions that were worded in a funny way.

I stumbled and stuttered a bit… and finally… like many, many times before, I just kind of fell apart.

Silently, To Myself, I Just Said…

Just like in previous interviews, it was awkward, embarrassing and humiliating! And, I didn’t even get offered the job… the same job I had basically mastered by that point.

So, that night as I struggled to sleep because I was thinking about that interview… and… all the other interviews I’d blown (and jobs I didn’t get… even though I knew I had the right skills and experience)…

I Made A Decision That
Changed My Life!

I vowed I would:

  • Fix This Problem And Never Again Lose a Job Offer Because Of My Interview Skills…
  • Learn Every Technique, Study Every Expert, Dig Up Every Drop Of Research To Finally Voice Clear, Confident, And Honest Answers… And…
  • Prove To Any Interviewer That I Was The Valuable Asset They Needed To Hire For Their Team…

So the very next morning, I went to work in earnest. I spent days studying and researching everything I could… taking extensive notes along the way.

And Then I Spent Weeks…

And Then I Spent Months…

(Okay, I Was Literally Obsessed!)

Eventually, I began to see patterns. Things that allowed me to plug myself into the minds of interviewers… and… I discovered what was really holding me back.

But, Was It The Same Thing
Holding Everyone Else Back, Too?

I had to know, so I decided to take what I learned (during my manic study period) out into the real world and see if it helped people.

So, I started running workshops at Yale for young people that were struggling with questions like…

“Who am I?

“Where do I want to go?

“Where do I want to be?”

And, through these workshops I started realizing that there was a better way to help people communicate with an advanced psychology tool I studied called…


Without getting all scientific, basically, psychometrics allows people to uncover the right words to describe their unique strengths and talents just by answering some easy multiple-choice questions.

On top of that, I created some simple, fill-in-the-blank worksheets to help them use these right words to tell their story in a compelling way.

I made these worksheets so simple and straightforward, they eliminated all the usual guesswork.

And It Worked… Extremely Well!

After awhile—once I got everything really dialed in—I started taking these workshops from Yale (where, by then, I was a consultant to both the graduate and undergraduate schools) to different campuses and organizations.

Eventually, I ended up running workshops at:

  • Harvard University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Boston University
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Hartford
  • Amherst College
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Quinnipiac University (where I was also an Adjunct Professor on Careers)
  • NASA (the MUST program)
  • Teach for America
  • Americorp (Public Allies)
  • World Bank (Friends and Family Network)… And…
  • 40+ DC

As word spread, my work started appearing in a number of major media outlets—either as a featured author or as a quoted expert—such as…

  • Forbes
  • US News and World Report
  • CareerBuilder
  • Mashable
  • Monster
  • TheLadders
  • Huffington Post
  • And many more!

It was rewarding, and I suppose I could have kept doing these workshops forever… but… something was bothering me. As successful as the workshops were, I knew my job interview secrets could help a lot more people… if… I could just reach them.

So, I Set Out To Create Better Solution!

Over the last three years I have developed and perfected a self-directed interview training program that will quickly prepare you for your next interview from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Best part: It works… even if… you have just a couple of hours to prepare. So, if your interview is tomorrow morning, or just a few hours from now, you’ll be ready.

The program is called the...

Interview Success Formula

“Over 20,000 people from all around the world (including every U.S. State and
Canadian Territory) have signed up for this amazing job-winning program!”

The Interview Success Formula is an online training program that helps you prepare to ace your next interview as quickly as possible.

There are four (4) job-winning components to my program:

JOB-WINNING COMPONENT #1: The New Site Member Quick-Start Orientation Video

This is a short (just over 8 minutes long), quick-start video that shows you the most efficient… and… maybe more importantly, most effective way to get maximum value in minimum time from the program.

This short video shows you step-by-by step, 1, 2, 3, what to do in plain English. It’s so simple, literally, a child could follow the directions and complete the steps.

The most important feature of this video is that it will show you exactly what to do (the 4 absolute "key" things) if you are short on time and your interview is tomorrow morning or even a few hours from now.

JOB-WINNING COMPONENT #2: Your Instant Self-Assessment Profile

The second step is your Instant Self-Assessment Profile...

I've developed a proprietary online tool that allows you to quickly create an accurate assessment of your own unique profile of motivations, strengths, values, and personality traits.

I designed this tool based on psychometrics and my other research and work with professors at the University of Pennsylvania, where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and Yale University, where I earned my MBA.

Your Instant Self-Assessment Profile uses the same process I use when coaching clients personally (who pay me $150.00 per hour)… except…

You Can Complete Your
Instant Self-Assessment Profile
In Less Than 30 Minutes At Home!

It's very user-friendly and requires absolutely no mental “heavy lifting” on your part.

All you do is answer some simple multiple-choice questions about yourself… and then… you'll INSTANTLY receive a downloadable custom-built report we've created for you.

JOB-WINNING COMPONENT #3: The Interview Cribsheet™

Next, we use your Instant Self-Assessment Profile to provide you with custom-built answers to:

The Top 20 Questions You'll Get
Asked During Your Interview!

30 minutes from now, you could have personalized answers to the most common interview questions, such as:

  • How would you describe yourself?
  • What's your biggest weakness?
  • What personal characteristics make you effective?
  • How would you describe your interpersonal skills?
  • How would you describe your ideal career?
  • How do you handle pressure?
  • In what type of environment do you thrive?
  • How would you describe your leadership style?
  • What can you do for this company?
  • Why should we hire you (aka — how are you different from everyone else)?

You get answers that are custom-built for you to these and the other 10 most common interview questions.

And, for “personal history” questions that require a personal story from your past experience, we give you fill-in the blank worksheets, examples and explanations to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to create personalized answers.

Now, you may be saying to yourself…

“20 Interview Questions... But There Are
Hundreds Of Different Questions I Could
Be Asked In My Interview!”

Technically, that's true… however… many of those 100’s of questions are just the same 20 questions asked in a different way.

With these answers, you'll be prepared to answer most any question your interviewer will throw at you.

JOB-WINNING COMPONENT #4: The Ultimate Interview Crash Course

The Ultimate Interview Crash Course is a comprehensive online training program, consisting of:

  • A Multi-Media Online Course
  • Downloadable MP3 Audios
  • Text Articles… and…
  • Fill-In-The-Blank PDF Worksheets

I call it a “Crash Course” because it’s designed to fully arm you with all the tips, tricks and secrets you need to ace your next interview as quickly as possible.

And, It Works… Even If… You Have
As Little As 2 Hours To Prepare!

Of course, the more time you can spend with it the better… but… you really can get enough out of it in a couple of hours to help you ace your next interview.

For example, inside the course you’ll discover…

  • The 3 main types of interview questions you must prepare for. (If you don’t cover your bases here, you’ve lost the job before you even get started!
  • 16 facts you must know about a company before your interview… and… how to find them fast!
  • 3 things all interviewers want to know about you before hiring you. (WARNING: They may not ask for all 3… so… you must be prepared to “give” these things to them whether they ask or not.)
  • 4 proven psychological techniques you can use to calm your nerves both before (and during) your interview. (Almost everyone gets nervous in interviews… and… it often hurts their performance and chances of winning the job. But, these proven “mind tricks” stomp out nerves in even the most intense situations.)
  • How to avoid “turning off” your interviewer!
  • 8 fears all companies have about new hires… and… how to relieve those fears and win the job!
  • How to quickly clean up your online reputation BEFORE your interview. (With so much information available online about people these days—via social media and other sources—up to 80% of companies now research potential candidates online to look for “red flags” that will cause you to lose the job before you ever utter a single word in the interview process.)
  • The top 12 BIGGEST Interview Mistakes… and… how to easily avoid them!
  • Exactly how long your interview answers should be. (Most people screw this up BIG time!)
  • How to make the right kind of eye contact during your interview. (This is another tough one. Too much and you come across as a kook. Too little and you come across as shy, introverted and itimidated. None of which will win you the job. I give you the “eye contact” secrets that professional persuasion experts use to influence others… in any and all situations.)
  • What to do with your hands during your interview… and… other expert body language tips. (Interviewers pick up on these subtle gestures—consciously and subconsciously—and it influences their decision to hire you or not.)
  • 1 thing you should NEVER ask about during your initial interview. (It’s actually only one specific word, and if you say it, you are almost certain to fail the interview!)
  • What you should do if you're running late to your interview. (IMPORTANT: Don’t give up thinking they won’t hire you. Just do this instead!)
  • How to handle the “Stress” interview… aka “The Mean Interviewer”. (It’s easier than you think!)
  • 9 Psychological Techniques that secretly influences the interviewer in YOUR direction. (He—or she—won’t even be aware that you are using them!)…
  • A little-known, but time-tested and proven tip to make yourself memorable to interviewers!
  • The absolute best way to follow up your interview so you win the job!
  • And much, much more!

This truly is the comprehensive course that will help you win the job you need, want and deserve.

But there’s more…

If you sign up today — Thursday 30th June 2022 by 11:59 Eastern Time — I’m also going to include…

VALUED AT $99.75!

The Top 10 Interview Questions You Must
Know How To Answer To Win Jobs Fast!

This is the special report I mentioned in the beginning of this letter… and… if you have very limited time before your interview, it’s the ultimate “cheat sheet”.

It will quickly show you how to answer the top 10 questions almost every interviewer asks… and… how to avoid the BIGGEST, most common mistakes that will prevent you from getting the job offers you deserve.

Proven “Thank You” Note Template

If you want to get the job offer, it's important to leave the right impression after your interview. And proper follow-up shows that you're a true professional. But many people—actually, most people—don't know how to do it right.

That’s why I’m giving you this template that eliminates all of the guesswork. It gives you proven language you can use to leave a great impression with your interviewer.

How to Negotiate A Higher Starting Salary!

In this special report, I show you several proven methods for getting the money you need want and deserve. If you follow my advice…

You Can Increase Your
Starting Salary By 5% Or More!

What would that be worth to you?

Well, if you're interviewing for a job that pays $40,000.00, then an extra 5% “bump” in your salary is worth $2,000.00!

And of course, if you're interviewing for a position that pays more than that, then my strategies will be that much more valuable to you!

Bypass Your Major Roadblocks

Not all of us have a “perfect” career track record. In fact, I challenge you to find a single person you know who does. In this special report, you will discover specific steps to quickly bypass each of these major roadblocks…

  • Laid off or fired from a previous position…
  • Have a gap (or gaps) in work history…
  • Come from a different industry…
  • Have a series of short-term job stints…
  • Can’t use an employer as a reference… and…
  • Age issues.

If any of these major roadblocks apply to you, you’ll now be able to eliminate (or downplay) their impact… so… you will feel confident in your next interview… and… ready to land that job!

The Job-Seekers Quick-Start Guide To Social Media

I mentioned this previously, but, did you know that (according to surveys of Hiring Managers by Jobvite and OnlineDegrees.com) nearly 80% of employers use social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to help decide whom they should hire for the job?

That means your profile on these sites can both help you win that job offer… or… be the reason you miss out. In this special report, you will discover how you can use the top 3 social media sites to…

  • Find out about job opportunities that aren’t shared anywhere else…
  • Get exclusive insider information on companies before you interview…
  • Improve your chances of getting hired, by strengthening your network and sharing the right information in your social media profiles.

Again, order today — Thursday 30th June 2022 by 11:59 Eastern Time — and these job-winning free bonus reports (valued at $99.75) are yours free.

I’m sure by now you are wondering how much of an investment you are going to have to make in the Interview Success Formula.

Well, before now, the only way to get this kind of advanced, personalized coaching (like the Instant Self-Assessment Profile) was to hire a Career Coach.

However, the problem with that for most people (and I know this because I’m a Career Coach myself and have surveyed thousands of customers) is cost and time. Career Coaches routinely charge $1,000… $2,000, even $5,000 or more for a series of coaching sessions that take weeks, sometimes months to complete.

But don't worry, I'm not about to ask you to invest $5,000 or even $500. Again, if you order today — Thursday 30th June 2022 by 11:59 Eastern Time — you are going to get:


  1. The New Site Member Quick-Start Orientation Video (a $19.95 value)
  2. “The Instant Self-Assessment Profile” (a $197 value)
  3. “The Interview Crib sheet™” (a $297 value)
  4. “The Ultimate Interview Crash Course” (a $297 value)



  1. The Top 10 Interview Questions You Must
    Know How To Answer To Win Jobs Fast! (a $19.95 value)
  2. Proven “Thank You” Note Template (a $19.95 value)
  3. How to Negotiate A Higher Starting Salary! (a $19.95 value)
  4. Bypass Your Major Roadblocks (a $19.95 value)
  5. The Job-Seekers Quick-Start Guide To Social Media (a $19.95 value)

Total Value = $910.70
Today’s Price... Just…

Further, I’m going to include unparalleled support with the program. When you order the Interview Success Formula today, you will get:

  • 24/7 Phone Support (so, even if you start the program at 11 o’clock at night, have an interview in the morning, and have a question, we’ll be here to answer it). I do this so you won’t be stuck on any aspect of the program.
  • E-mail Support from 9 p.m. Sunday to 9 p.m. Friday (and during the day on Saturday and Sunday). E-mail any question you may have during these hours and you’ll receive a prompt answer.

Also, I try to personally answer every single customer question that requires any sort of interview expertise. This is another $197 value, bringing the total value of the Interview Success Formula to $1,107.70… but…

It’s Yours Free For The
Lifetime Of The Program!

And last, but certainly not least, the Interview Success Formula comes with…

A 90-Day
It Works Or It’s Free
100% Money Back Guarantee

Order the program today. Watch the short New Site Member Quick-Start Orientation Video. Complete your 30-minute (or less) Instant Self-Assessment Profile and get your Interview Cribsheet™. After that, go through The Ultimate Interview Crash Course… and then… take what you’ve learned out into the real world on your next interview (or interviews).

You have two months to do so.

If you aren’t satisfied with the results you are getting (for any reason, or no reason at all)… contact us by phone, toll-free at (1-888-659-5297) or by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we’ll give you 100% of your money back.... without hassle or delay!

Plus, you can keep all of the free bonuses just for giving the program a try!

Fair enough?

If so, here’s how to get started. Just click the “Add To Cart” button below, fill out the secure online order form with your contact and payment information… and… in less than 5 minutes, you will be e-mailed login information to the complete program and all of the free bonus reports mentioned above.


Alan Carniol
Founder, Career Cadence Training™
Creator, Interview Success Formula™

P.S. As an additional bonus for ordering today — Thursday 30th June 2022 by 11:59 Eastern Time - I’m going to throw in a brand new job-winning tool my programmer just now finished at no extra charge. It’s called…

The Personalized Interview Preparation Plan™

This new tool (bringing the total value of the Interview Success Formula to $1,204.70) gives you 9 simple, multiple-choice questions to answer… and then… it generates a report telling you exactly what steps you should take to prepare—as fast as humanly possible—for your particular type of interview.

Further, it points you to resources inside the program that address those steps in greater detail. Basically, it’s like a personalized shortcut through the entire course.

P.P.S. I urge you to order today, now… because… within the next couple of weeks the price of the Interview Success Formula is going to have to go up from $147 to $197. Why? It’s simple. My accountant says so.

He explained to me—somewhat impatiently—that, “Alan, since you are constantly adding to the program and the business is growing rapidly, to continue the same level of excellent customer service and continued improvements our company has become known for, you are going to have to raise the price or we are going to go bankrupt.”

P.P.P.S. In the past six months alone, I’ve helped over 5,600 job seekers, including:

  • College students and recent grads entering the job market…
  • People changing careers at age 30, 40 and 50…
  • Business professionals, healthcare workers, non-profit focused individuals, and everyone in between.

Here are some recent (of dozens I receive every month) real life job-seeker success stories. These are from clients in all sorts of industries who have gotten their dream job offers as a result of following the advice in the Interview Success Formula:


“This was my first interview for a job. I am 61 years old. I totally screwed up the first interview and this helped me ace the second. I got the job over 32 others. Thank you!!! $$ well spent.” — Doug T. from St. Paul, MN, Community Outreach Paramedic

“My interview was incredible! I walked in fully prepared and answered each and every question with great detail and was able to provide examples. By the way, I ended up getting the job — even though other candidates were more qualified. I think this is proof that this program WORKS.”
— Danielle from California, Administrative Support Coordinator

“This really helped me get the job! The Interview Success Formula helped me clearly see what my strengths are and formulate how to answer questions in a professional way with answers that make you look and feel so smart and you are just being yourself…
“Right after [the interview], I actually was able to have the company create a position for me that suited my skills. The company said they did not want to lose talent like me and gave me a great job offer verbally the next day. Thank you so much!!!”
— Zahra from Los Angeles, CA, Marketing and Sales Director

“It helped me understand myself and articulate well my core strengths and abilities. It is simple to follow and worth every penny spent!”
— Mala K. from Toronto, Canada, Clinical Monitoring

“Gave me a process to follow. Took my scattered thoughts and organized and summed them up for me.”
— Kathie Sandburg from Southfield, Michigan Finance Analyst

“Following the ISF system, I was able to land an interview and then get an offer with an amazing opportunity. I highly recommend it.”
— David M. from Chandler, Arizona, Information Technology

“This site was very efficient and right on and to the point with what is needed. Thank you so much. Never again will I have the anxiety about interviewing. I did receive several offers and accepted a job.”
— Kimberly C. from Oregon, Nursing

“Just THANK YOU for giving me the confidence to believe in myself. I no longer fear interviews. You've created an excellent product. Well worth the investment of time and money.”
— Don from Texas, VP of Supply Chain

“This formula is really excellent for me, very simple, easy to understand.”
— Jennifer Kim from Orange, California, Film Graphic Artist

“I had three interviews and all went very well, especially when they asked “why you vs other candidates”. I was ready and confident about answering in a professional manner. I actually got two job offers from these interviews.”
— Olivia from Calgary, Alberta

“It helps to ease the interview preparation, to structure it in the best way and boost self-confidence. I found ISF user friendly and efficient.”
— Elena A. from Switzerland, Business Process Application and Development Specialist

“I highly recommend this product! It gave me the confidence to secure employment at a company I had been applying to for years with no success. I was even offered more pay than what I asked for. I am very happy with my dream job! So glad I purchased this product! I don't think I would have felt so prepared without it!”
— Alice W. from San Francisco, CA, Medical Professional

“It gave me confidence in knowing who I felt I was all along, good reassuring ideas on how to present myself and keywords I could use.”
— DB from Springfield, Missouri, Restaurant Manager

“This comprehensive program far exceeded my expectations. It's packed with strategies and techniques that can be used to prepare for a tough interview in a short period of time.”
— Roger H. from San Francisco, CA, Operations Analyst

“The formula helped me understand my own strengths better and prepared me to articulate them in a way far more effectively and positively than in the past... I got the Job!”
— Mahantesh H. from California, Engineer

“I was pleasantly surprised at how much information the [Instant Self-Assessment] questionnaire actually provided. I knew a lot of the information provided, but didn't know how to articulate it. I couldn't believe how accurate it was.”
— Katherine S. from Jacksonville, FL, Administrative Assistant

“I did not have much time to prepare, but your information gave me the responses I needed to go confidently into my interview. I got the job! Thank you!”
— Vicki Fine from Orlando, Florida

“It helped me with my confidence, answers to difficult questions, closing, and my thank you note… I actually look forward to interviews now!”
— Kelley S. from Menlo Park, California

“This is the most well rounded, personalized, professional and succinct program I have come across through my somewhat ‘obsessive’ and very extensive research. I would recommend this site to anyone who is currently searching for or interviewing for a job!”
— Nancy S. from St. Louis, Illinois

“I am very satisfied with your product and really appreciate the extra help I received from Alan as he responded to my personal email question that was specific to my job. Which really helped me going into the interview. I would recommend this to any and everyone.”
— Melodie McLymont from Pickering, Ontario, Social Services Child and Youth Worker

“I truly believe that my success in getting this position was due to information I received from your program. It was exactly what I needed. I had been down in the dumps, not feeling good about myself and I knew that was wrong. Your words gave me a huge burst of self-confidence.”
— Roxanne Taylor

“The knowledge I received from Interview Success Formula was not too little and not too much. The Formula fit me perfectly as I followed all your instructions for Success.”
— Edwin Wolf from Houston, Texas Facilities Supervisor, Commercial Real Estate

“I had not interviewed for a job in nine years. ISF helped me focus, prepare.”
— Kathleen S. from Austin, Texas, Project/Program Manager

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