Oct, 2012

Five Reasons You’re not Getting Interviews

Not Getting InterviewsYour job search is at a standstill. You have been sending applications tirelessly for the past few weeks but can’t get seem to go over the hump. It feels like no one is interested enough to use your services. If this looks like it’s starting to become a pattern, then you may be doing something to prevent yourself from getting interviews.

Generic Resume – Every job and company is different; there are skills and experiences that some value more than others. You should craft a resume that clearly targets each job. Don’t just send a resume for the sake of applying, or else you’re just wasting time. Since you already intend to apply for the job, make the most out of it by crafting your resume for the particular job.

Not Writing Cover Letters – If you are someone who doesn’t believe in writing cover letters, think again. While there are some people who don’t read them anymore, there are also people who still read them. So, put in the effort and write a cover letter for each and every job you’re applying for.

Applying for the Wrong Jobs – It’s good to believe that you are ready for the next level. When applying for better positions than your last one, however, you need to be realistic. If your resume lacks the skills and experience you need for the job you’re applying for, then consider acquiring them before applying to that job.

Limiting yourself to one Job Search Tool – You have a strategy you prefer in finding a job. While you may experience some success doing this, you are likely to improve your results if you expand to other strategies.

Pessimism – No one likes to be around people who only see the worst things in life. Everything they say is about how bad their life or situation is. Ask the people around you if they see pessimism in you; your pessimistic responses to people may be what’s holding you back during interviews.

Don’t let things that you can easily control prevent from getting hired. It only takes a little effort to give you a better shot at landing a job.

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