May, 2020

How to Stand Out in a Remote Work Environment

How to Stand Out in a Virtual Work EnvironmentThe work-from-home setup is becoming an increasingly popular option for workers who want to enjoy its numerous perks such as a flexible schedule, more comfortable working environment, more personal time, among others. And while the remote work setup seems to be lucrative, it also entails a few downsides. One of them is the challenge that comes along with making your performance visible and setting yourself apart from the pack. It may not be easy compared to when you’re working in a traditional office setup but don’t worry. There are ways you can stand out in a virtual work environment.


Maintain professionalism
Just like when you’re working in an office, professionalism is still expected even when you’re working from home. This means that you have to make sure you’re not coming in late, you show up on time during meetings and you’re dressed professionally. And even if your boss doesn’t verbally tell or ask you, it’s imperative that you are dressed professionally during video meetings. You want to set the right impression and perception even if you’re working from home.

Make sure your system is working
In a virtual work environment, the last thing you want is to have challenges when it comes to your computer or internet connection. Not only will it impact your productivity and efficiency but it might affect your reliability as an employee.

Always make sure your technology is working perfectly fine. You should have a solid internet connection and have a backup in case the internet connection suddenly goes out. You want to make sure your system is working smoothly so you won’t have other things to worry about but your tasks.

Practice open communication
Whether you’re working in a traditional office setup or working from home, open communication will always be a vital factor to workplace success. Reaching out to your colleagues when you’re working from home may not be the same and may not be as easy as when you’re in the same room but that’s what your tools are for. Make use of the available messaging platforms when communicating about project and task updates. Don’t hesitate to do follow ups to make sure things get done and completed.

Be organized
It’s easy to be laid back when you don’t always have your boss watching what you do over your shoulders. But if you want to stand out in a virtual work environment, organization is one of the key things that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s imperative that you stay on top of your tasks even if no one is constantly bugging or watching you. You want your boss and your team members to see that you have everything under control and you’re a team member they can rely on. Being organized will also help ensure you’re not wasting other people’s time because you’re always ready when they reach out to you for help, ideas and such.

When working from home, the last thing you want is for people to not see your value. Be sure to maintain your presence, stand out and leave a positive impression with the help of these tips!


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