Dec, 2020

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Motivated

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged and MotivatedOne of the keys to the success of an organization is employee motivation. A motivated workforce has the commitment, drive and enthusiasm to be the best in their roles everyday. This results in an increased productivity, higher output and ultimate success of a company. And because the importance of employee motivation cannot be emphasized enough, it’s imperative that managers ensure their employees stay motivated and driven. But doing this isn’t always easy. Employees go to work and perform at their best for different reasons. They also have varying reasons for losing that drive. So how do you keep your employees motivated and ensure the company’s productivity at peak levels?


Here are some tips you might find useful!

Be a good leader
Being a good leader is easier said than done. But becoming one is something that all leaders should strive to achieve. And it all starts with setting a good example. Act as a good role model and set high standards of responsibility and accountability for your subordinates to follow. Offer a sympathetic ear and build good working relationships with your employees.

Make them feel valued
That sense of pride and accomplishment goes a long way when it comes to making an employee motivated. Nothing will make them feel more driven than knowing that their hardwork, their job and their contributions mean a lot. Recognize their accomplishments and celebrate their wins no matter how big or small. Consider giving rewards or incentives. Make sure they get a pat on the back for every job well done.

Learn how to listen
Listening plays a key role in several facets of a manager’s job. This includes listening to his employees. As a manager, it’s important that you recognize the fact that your employees have different needs and it’s your job to know what these needs are. Whether it’s salary, vacation leave, or benefits, it is crucial that you are receptive to what your workers need to ensure job satisfaction.

Similarly, you also have to learn how to listen to their concerns. Be receptive and responsive rather than reactive. Give them a voice and hear them out. Keep an open communication because this is the only way you can arrive at solutions that will benefit both your employees and the company.

Empower them
Every individual has the need to feel empowered. We all need to feel capable of achieving something, of succeeding. The same thing is true for your employees. Keeping them motivated means empowering them and providing them opportunities to express themselves and grow. You shouldn’t let them get stuck in their current role doing the same job for years if they want to step up and up their game. Allow them more room for growth and provide them the training ground and opportunities to succeed.

The success of a company largely relies on the productivity and performance of its employees. And you cannot always achieve optimum productivity if your employees are not motivated. Ensure the success of both your company and your employees by making sure the latter are recognized, trusted and rewarded.

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