Nov, 2020

How to Boost Your Productivity as a Freelancer

How to Boost Your Productivity as a FreelancerBeing a freelancer sounds more fun and interesting than being a regular employee. After all, nothing seems to be better than being your own boss and working according to your own time. However, working as a freelancer isn’t always a bed of roses. It has its own set of challenges and difficulties especially when it comes to staying productive.

 Working from home or anywhere outside a traditional office set up can mean more distractions. And this can make it harder for a freelancer to concentrate and get things done on time. If you’re also working as a freelancer, you might also find yourself struggling with completing some tasks and projects especially when there are several things you need to do simultaneously. But with the right approach and strategies, there are ways to boost your productivity as a freelancer. Take a look at these tips!

Get dressed as if you’re heading to the office
As a freelancer, one of the things you probably love the most is the fact that you can work from the comfort of your home. You have a comfortable working environment because everything you need is within your reach. However, too much comfort can work against your productivity. So one way to combat it is to get dressed. Dress up as if you’re going to be heading to the office. Working on your desk in your pajamas may be ideal but it doesn’t psych you up to be in your attitude to get things done.

This doesn’t mean you need to be in a suit and tie. All you need is to be in a proper outfit to get your mind and attitude in working mode.

Create a routine
Working on a flexible schedule may be the work setup but it can be dangerous if you don’t follow a consistent schedule. Choosing to work any time of the day may be your option but what if you have deadlines to meet? What if there’s an urgent task that needs completion? So that you can focus on what needs to be done and finish your tasks according to importance and priority, you need to be able to create a routine.

Create a workspace
While it feels good and comfortable to be working at home right in your couch or bed, it might not be a great idea if you’re trying to be productive. What you may need is to be organized and make sure that everything you need is within your reach. Consider creating a dedicated workspace at home. It doesn’t have to be a home office of some sort. Just a desk with your laptop and a comfortable chair in a quiet and cozy spot will do. What’s important is that you have a place to work with less noise and distractions so you can focus on your tasks. This will also help you get in the mood to work and help your brain kick into productivity mode.

Working as a freelancer may come with a number of perks but it isn’t a break from work. Just like any other jobs, it requires the right amount of dedication and discipline to ensure success.



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