Mar, 2020

4 Tips for Increasing your Job Security in Times of Crisis

4 Tips for Increasing your Job Security in Times of CrisisIt’s true what they say, if there’s one thing that’s constant in this life, it’s change.

We live in an uncertain world; a world that constantly evolves right before our eyes. Nothing is permanent, not our families and friends, relationships and even our jobs. Your employment, for one, can bid you goodbye in a snap of a finger especially in the trying times and recession comes knocking.


The good news is there are ways to help you prove your worth and secure your job even in the midst of a crisis. Take a look at the following tips.

Work on improving your individual performance
If there’s one thing you can control the most in whatever career or job you have, it’s your individual performance. You can influence or impact the performance of your team but you’re the only one who can make or break your own.

Keep a positive attitude and enthusiasm towards work. Continue to sharpen your strengths and be sure to address the areas with less than stellar performance. This is how you become an indispensable employee.

Develop a lifelong love for learning
If you want to continue doing your job and be better at it, embrace learning and develop a lifelong love for it. Don’t stop embracing new knowledge and adapting to change. Be open to growth by bearing in your mind that you are actually a student for life.

New updates in your industry will be there. Be sure to keep tabs with the latest updates in your field. Find time to learn and develop the skills you don’t possess yet but are valuable in what you do. Take training courses and attend industry events.

Be flexible and adaptable
Flexibility and adaptability are crucial traits that companies look for in good employees. Like we previously mentioned, change is constant. Your company will evolve as it grows. Your role will evolve too and involve a lot of changes in the process. And to prove your worth as a good employee, you must exhibit a positive attitude towards change, whether you like that change or not.

Be ready to adapt to the shifting circumstances. Look for opportunities where you can jump in to do something outside of your job description. Not only will it help you make a good impression, but it will also help you grow personally and professionally.

Be sure to get things done
Your productivity and efficiency at work are important measures of your performance. Needless to say, you must make sure that things are getting done and tasks are being delivered on time. Regardless of how complicated or simple, how big or small the task is, each and every piece of your job is important. Do the task at hand and give it your best each time. Your hardwork and tenacity will make you stand out and will pay off.

Because we’re living in an uncertain world, it’s not hard to understand why people crave for security and stability. It’s time to eliminate the worries and be confident about your employment by following these tips for increasing your job security.


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